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From the cover strip to the intelligent distance measuring system
Linear guideways with a wide range of options

In addition to linear guides in an X arrangement, we also offer profile rail guides in an O arrangement. Our option package allows you to customise the moment-stiff linear guideways in the CG series to your own application requirements.

In general, our CG linear guideways are characterised by a higher moment rigidity compared to conventional linear guideways. This advantage is particularly important for applications with individual guideways. Thanks to the special O-arrangement of the rolling elements, the CG profile guideway allows a cover strip to be fitted. This allows the mounting holes to be permanently sealed quickly and easily. Our sealing systems prevent the ingress of foreign matter such as dirt particles, swarf or liquids into the ball tracks of the carriage and also reduce the discharge of lubricant. The cover plate already included as standard provides additional robust protection for the wiper and the deflection system of the ball raceway. As a further option, we offer long-time lubrication units that extend the relubrication interval by more than five times. The additional lubrication channel leads directly into the centre of the load-bearing zone, thus ensuring uninterrupted lubrication, especially for short-stroke applications. An additional integrated distance measuring system enables the exact position of the carriage to be determined and turns the mechanical linear guide into an intelligent guide element in no time at all. Compactly integrated, the read head is attached to the carriage and the magnetic tape is inserted into the profile rail protected by the cover tape.

With our online tools for configurations and sizing we support you in your search for the optimum solution. Try it out straight away!